Wk 15 Classmate – Khoa Do

This week I interviewed Khoa Do. Khoa is a freshman Human Resource Management major. Since I am graduating with a degree in Management, we talked a lot about the classes I have taken and what he can expect. He lives in Westminster and commutes to school. He enjoys hanging out with his friends. Some of his favorite TV shows are Arrow, Flash, and Daredevil. I had just finished watching Daredevil so we both shared our thoughts on season 1.

When I asked him if he enjoyed sports and he responded with soccer I got very happy. Soccer is my passion and so when I talk to someone that also enjoys soccer it is very easy to get along with them. He converted from an Arsenal fan to a Manchester United fan. I am a Liverpool fan and these teams play in the same league so there is a lot of history between them. We talked about our favorite players from the past and present with plenty of banter between us both. It was a nice last classmate interview with a fellow soccer fan.



Wk 15 Artist – Jessie Jie Li and Lauren Eckhart

This week I visited the Werby gallery and looked at the BFA Illistration/Animation Senior Show titled “Drawn Out.” There were so many pieces from different artists that made this a pretty amazing last day of class. My two favorite pieces were from artist Jessie Jie Li. Like Jessie I too am a dog lover. That is what attracted me to the piece with the wolves. My favorite dog breed is Husky and to me wolves are very similar in that they are both absolutely beautiful animals. The other picture from Jessie I loved was the one with what seems like a little store with the snow. This picture gave off the feeling of home. Almost everyone in the picture is with a loved one and I think of Christmas when I look at it. The snow and the sunset in the background bring a huge smile to my face.

IMG_4258                                  IMG_4257

My other favorite piece came from artist Lauren Eckhart. Her piece “Flourish” was so colorful and filled with nature. It reminds me of fall days back when I lived in Illinois. With the the leaves changing color and the river bend it immediately made me want to go on an adventure exploring in nature. Lauren has a passion with camping which I can relate to as well. It was a very beautiful painting.


Wk 14 Student Interview – Pablo Gonzalez

This week I interviewed Pablo Gonzalez. Pablo is a freshman here at Long Beach. He is a mechanical engineering major and he enjoys coming to this class because it gives him a little break away from his other classes like calculus and physics. He also enjoys coming to the gallery and putting his best effort into each and every post. Pablo commutes to school from his home in Seal Beach.

Pablo enjoys cross country running and he also ran track in high school. He plans on pledging for the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta next semester. He doesn’t really watch sports like me but we were able to agree on some TV shows. We both like the shows The Walking Dead and Silicon Valley. He also likes Game of Thrones which I have not had a chance to watch yet. Pablo doesn’t have big summer plans other than to take Calculus II. Pablo seemed very smart and knew exactly what he wants to do and I enjoyed having my conversation with him this week.


Wk 14 Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

This week I visited the Gatov West gallery and saw the exhibit called “Liminal.” The artist I had a conversation with was Yireh Elaine Kwak. I remember talking with her earlier in the semester so it was exciting to see one of her pieces of art again. She talked about how her paintings come from real views from her home. The painting pictured below is fittingly called ‘Home,” She loves to use her experience with nature for her art. What attracts me to her art work is my love for nature like hers. I love the outdoors and am pretty jealous of the views she gets to see from her home every day.


The other two pieces of art that I was drawn to are titled “Treecloud” and “Cold Light, Warm Room.” The first is so full of color and to me it almost seems like a place you would only see in your dreams. I admire the imagination that comes with this painting. Looking at this piece should brighten everyone’s day. The other was a picture of what I would assume is a bar. To me it looks like a cozy little dive bar. The artist did a great job pulling me in because this is definitely a place I would visit.

IMG_4236 IMG_4238

Wk 13 Optional EC

1. Kyle Wadsworth’s Puzzle Video Game

a) I do like to play videos games. I play Call of Duty, Fifa, and Madden mostly. I also play Clash of Clans on my phone.
b) I liked the game. I got the hang of it really quick. I got a little stuck on the last level a few times but then was able to beat it. I really liked the simplicity. I kind of wish there were more levels. This would definitely be a game I could play on my phone for long periods.


2. License Plate Art by Jairo Ubeda

This was a pretty cool one to do. I did this late at night so I think that is why there are not as many other states as the one you did.


3. Procedural Poetry by Hoc Nguyen

I used my favorite book Fantasy Life by Matthew Berry. I was hoping that the words would flow together but that didn’t seem to happen. Here is my poem:

Ones honors have Richmond.
Sport where fun him.
Six that see all. 

I guess after reading it a few more times I actually like it. This will give me something to do in class from now on.


4. Text Message Poetry by Jasmine Barnum

I really enjoyed this one. After reading the 3rd word of each text message I found myself wishing it was the 2nd or 4th as some of those words were more entertaining. This is my poem:

I vote did I’m strokes.
Works out next.

I few. 

This made me laugh. It just doesn’t make sense, yet I still feel like it flows.

Wk 13 Classmate Interview – Kyler Victorio

I interviewed my classmate Kyler this week. Kyler is a 1st year student and he is in pre-Bio. He is from Long Beach and he commutes to school. I asked Kyler what is hobbies and interests were and he told me he enjoyed sleeping, music, and hanging out with friends. 3 things I also share an interest in. He enjoys hanging out around his house and especially loves trying new places to eat.

He is from the Philippines and actually visited there for a month over winter break. He likes to attend family parties. His plans for the summer will revolve around his busy work schedule. He has visited Chicago and Michigan before so that was cool to hear because I grew up in Illinois. He enjoys watching basketball and is a Lakers fan. I am a Celtics fan so we had a few laughs about the Celtics/Lakers rivalry. When talking to Kyler he seemed very down-to-earth so I really enjoyed our interview.


Wk 13 Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama

This week I visited the Dutzi gallery and saw the art of Shihori Nakayama. I really enjoyed these drawings. The one that I saw first(1st picture) is the drawing that attracted me the most. It reminded me of a book I read when I was a child called “Frog and Toad.” It was interesting to hear Shihori talk about her drawings being reminiscent of children’s books she used to read as that is what my initial thought was seeing her work. I loved how detailed her work was and it amazes me that people have this type of skill.

I was also drawn to the 2nd picture because of the dog. It reminded me of my first dog who was half husky, half lab. I also liked how if you looked real close you could see the detail in the people’s face even when they are drawn so small. It is really cool that she uses her memories and combines it withe her imagination to create such beautiful pieces of art. If some of the these pieces were for sale, I know I would find room in my house for one of these drawings.

IMG_4206                IMG_4205