Wk3 – Activity – Instagram

Below you can see the 4 Instagram posts I did.  There was a Long Beach State basketball game that day(we won!) and the first 2 pictures show the routine I usually do for every home game.  The 3rd picture just randomly happened when my friend and I were walking into the game.  The last picture shows the score of the game.  I have only missed about 4 home games in my 3 years here at Long Beach State.

When looking through the pictures with the art110sp15 hashtag I could definitely see connections.  Many of the pictures were with friends and different places on campus.  There were a few other pictures of people being at the basketball game so that was cool to see.  I did feel like it was a community because we are all college students and a lot of the pictures were of food and different places around Long Beach.  Many of the pictures were of the art in the galleries which all connected us in the first place.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (1)2FullSizeRender (1)3FullSizeRender (1)4

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