Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo

I visited the Gatov East Gallery this week.  I had my conversation with Romina Del Castillo.  While talking with her I found out that the people in her art are actually her friends.  Due to the time it takes to draw she has to have them pose multiple times so she can finish.  The title of the gallery was “La Vie En Noir.”

It wasn’t my favorite week at the gallery but I was able to connect with one piece of art.  The one pictured below was what caught my eye.  I actually laughed a little when I first saw the picture because I lay down with my feet up on the wall all the time at my house.  It is weirdly comfortable to me.  The other reason I enjoyed this piece was because of the dog.  I love dogs and there aren’t many things I enjoy more than just laying with my dog by my side.

.FullSizeRender (2)7878FullSizeRender (3)548485

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