Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Hung Trinh

I had my conversation with Hung Trinh. He is a sophomore here at Long Beach State. He commutes from just down the road from campus.  His major was going to be health care but now he is not sure. He plans on declaring one by the end of the semester or beginning of the next one.

Hung enjoys to play and watch basketball which we had in common. He usually hangs out at his apartment when he is not at work or school. We also brought up the question the professor asked in class on Tuesday on whether or not we would accept the degree, with no further schooling, if it was handed to us or if we would stay in school the full years to get it. We both agreed we would just take the degree. I feel like most people in the class would say the same, just not many wanted to say it aloud in class. I also posed this question to many of my friends and all agreed they would just take the degree. So Hung and I agreed on many things we talked about. It was an enjoyable conversation with my fellow classmate.



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