Wk 11 Activity – Plaster Casting



For the plaster casting activity I started out wanting to do a mold of my foot.  After about 5 attempts at making the mold stay as I pulled my foot out, I decided enough is enough and gave my hand a go.  It was a lot easier pulling the hand out while keeping the mold in place.  I’m not sure if you can tell in the pictures but my hand is slightly cupped.  That is why my hand seems so tiny.  Luckily I was able to capture these pictures before the hand mold fell over and broke a finger off.

The plaster casting was definitely my favorite activity I’ve done all semester.  The fact that I got to go to the beach for an assignment made it so much fun.  I showed my creation to my roommates when I got home from the beach and both thought it was so cool.  They said they wanted to go and try some soon so I will for sure be doing this again in my free time with some friends.  I loved this idea and glad I got to experience it!



IMG_4187 IMG_4189

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