Wk 11 Artist Interview – Kruse and Pena

This week I interviewed Jerry Pena and Kyle Kruse at the Merlino Gallery.  This was a very cool gallery to visit.  When I walked in the first thing I noticed was all the trash on the ground.  The weird thing to me was that even with all the trash it didn’t seem trashy at all.  It just seemed like a perfect fit and like I was down some alley way admiring the graffiti and works of art.  I also got the feel of a garage.  Maybe it was the car bumpers leaning up on the walls but it seemed like just a place where someone spends their time working on cars and art and other projects.  I would say out of most of the art I’ve seen this semester this one seemed the most real.

After looking through the gallery I stopped by the table where so many other students were and talked to the artists.  They expressed their inspiration came from the environment and that the gallery was showing a glimpse of where they were from.  Both said they had an interest in art ever since they were little and in high school they specifically took an interest in drawing.  They said it took them about 3 months to make all the pieces inside. These artists gave a taste of their urban/street art view and it was very enjoyable to see the gallery and talk with the artists.

IMG_4171 IMG_4169

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