Wk 12 Activity – Algorithmic Art

  1. Get a piece of computer paper.
  2. Start folding paper over its self in about 1 inch strips.
  3. Stop when you are about ¾ of the way down. (Pic 2)
  4. Fold paper in half so that the folds are on outside.
  5. Pinch thick strips and slide paper up forming a heart shape. (Pic 1)
  6. Snap it forward like you’re throwing a baseball.
  7. If paper doesn’t make a pop sound go back to step 1.
  8. If you hear the pop sound go to step 9.
  9. Stop.

Pic 1                                                                    Pic 2

IMG_4197                IMG_4200

For my algorithmic art activity I decided to bring back something my friends and I used to do way back in 7th grade. I tried to make the steps as easy to follow as possible but some of the steps were difficult to find the words to explain. The point of this is to make a loud popping sound. As you see in the first picture when you snap it forward, air catches the paper and proceeds to make a popping noise. My friends and I used to make these and make the noise in class and scare the teacher and other classmates.

The result I got was the popping noise I was going for. I took a video so you could hear the sound but wordpress would not let me upload it. It is quite easy to make and was fun to do as it brought back memories from grade school and some of the times my friends and I got in trouble in school.

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