Wk 12 Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

This week for the artist interview I saw Piet Eppinga’s exhibit in the Werby Gallery. What made this interaction special was how he continuously went around to each piece and explained them. The two pieces that I liked the best were “Father and Son” and “Christianity Crystallized.” The Father and Son piece as you can see in the picture below, is about the relationship between a father and son. The white are their heads and you can make out the legs as well. I really enjoyed this piece because I have a strong bond with my father.

The other piece I really enjoyed was “Christianity Crystallized.” You can see the crown of thorns and the pierced hands where Jesus was nailed to the cross. This piece seemed so simple but portrayed such powerful meaning behind it. The whole piece is in the form of a tombstone. Piet spoke of Christianity needing to be revived in 100-200 years or else it will be crystallized. He was saying that Christianity can die out if it does not get a revival and then a new religion could be formed taking certain pieces from Christianity and others. His art seemed so simple but were all deep in meaning.

IMG_4193 IMG_4194

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