Wk 12 EC feedback

3 most favorite activities:

1. Plaster Casting
I had a blast doing this activity as it got me out to the beach and made a really cool piece that I will keep for a long time.

2. Social Photography
I use social media every day so incorporating it into an assignment is something I wish more classes did.

3. Web design
I have never made my own website/blog so it was really cool to finally make one.

3 least favorite activities:

1. Fiber arts
Nothing too much against this, I just don’t have the artist eye that others do.

2. Portrait Photography
I just thought it was kind of weird to try and take a picture of yourself in a corpse pose.

3. Graffiti Writing
Like fiber arts, I just don’t have the artist touch so mine just seemed underwhelming compared to others.


A. I think the Tuesday class set us up nicely to be prepared for the art gallery and activity of the week.

B. For the most part I enjoyed the activities. Maybe a couple of them could be done on the Tuesday in class to get immediate feedback.

C. Conversations with the artist were helpful in seeing the way they portray their art and where their ideas came from.

D. Classmate conversations were not my favorite just because I am not as outgoing as people around me.

E. The website I enjoyed because I have never had a website/blog so being able to post things was enjoyable.


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