Wk 13 Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama

This week I visited the Dutzi gallery and saw the art of Shihori Nakayama. I really enjoyed these drawings. The one that I saw first(1st picture) is the drawing that attracted me the most. It reminded me of a book I read when I was a child called “Frog and Toad.” It was interesting to hear Shihori talk about her drawings being reminiscent of children’s books she used to read as that is what my initial thought was seeing her work. I loved how detailed her work was and it amazes me that people have this type of skill.

I was also drawn to the 2nd picture because of the dog. It reminded me of my first dog who was half husky, half lab. I also liked how if you looked real close you could see the detail in the people’s face even when they are drawn so small. It is really cool that she uses her memories and combines it withe her imagination to create such beautiful pieces of art. If some of the these pieces were for sale, I know I would find room in my house for one of these drawings.

IMG_4206                IMG_4205


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