Wk 13 Optional EC

1. Kyle Wadsworth’s Puzzle Video Game

a) I do like to play videos games. I play Call of Duty, Fifa, and Madden mostly. I also play Clash of Clans on my phone.
b) I liked the game. I got the hang of it really quick. I got a little stuck on the last level a few times but then was able to beat it. I really liked the simplicity. I kind of wish there were more levels. This would definitely be a game I could play on my phone for long periods.


2. License Plate Art by Jairo Ubeda

This was a pretty cool one to do. I did this late at night so I think that is why there are not as many other states as the one you did.


3. Procedural Poetry by Hoc Nguyen

I used my favorite book Fantasy Life by Matthew Berry. I was hoping that the words would flow together but that didn’t seem to happen. Here is my poem:

Ones honors have Richmond.
Sport where fun him.
Six that see all. 

I guess after reading it a few more times I actually like it. This will give me something to do in class from now on.


4. Text Message Poetry by Jasmine Barnum

I really enjoyed this one. After reading the 3rd word of each text message I found myself wishing it was the 2nd or 4th as some of those words were more entertaining. This is my poem:

I vote did I’m strokes.
Works out next.

I few. 

This made me laugh. It just doesn’t make sense, yet I still feel like it flows.


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