Wk 14 Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

This week I visited the Gatov West gallery and saw the exhibit called “Liminal.” The artist I had a conversation with was Yireh Elaine Kwak. I remember talking with her earlier in the semester so it was exciting to see one of her pieces of art again. She talked about how her paintings come from real views from her home. The painting pictured below is fittingly called ‘Home,” She loves to use her experience with nature for her art. What attracts me to her art work is my love for nature like hers. I love the outdoors and am pretty jealous of the views she gets to see from her home every day.


The other two pieces of art that I was drawn to are titled “Treecloud” and “Cold Light, Warm Room.” The first is so full of color and to me it almost seems like a place you would only see in your dreams. I admire the imagination that comes with this painting. Looking at this piece should brighten everyone’s day. The other was a picture of what I would assume is a bar. To me it looks like a cozy little dive bar. The artist did a great job pulling me in because this is definitely a place I would visit.

IMG_4236 IMG_4238


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