Wk 15 Artist – Jessie Jie Li and Lauren Eckhart

This week I visited the Werby gallery and looked at the BFA Illistration/Animation Senior Show titled “Drawn Out.” There were so many pieces from different artists that made this a pretty amazing last day of class. My two favorite pieces were from artist Jessie Jie Li. Like Jessie I too am a dog lover. That is what attracted me to the piece with the wolves. My favorite dog breed is Husky and to me wolves are very similar in that they are both absolutely beautiful animals. The other picture from Jessie I loved was the one with what seems like a little store with the snow. This picture gave off the feeling of home. Almost everyone in the picture is with a loved one and I think of Christmas when I look at it. The snow and the sunset in the background bring a huge smile to my face.

IMG_4258                                  IMG_4257

My other favorite piece came from artist Lauren Eckhart. Her piece “Flourish” was so colorful and filled with nature. It reminds me of fall days back when I lived in Illinois. With the the leaves changing color and the river bend it immediately made me want to go on an adventure exploring in nature. Lauren has a passion with camping which I can relate to as well. It was a very beautiful painting.



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