Wk 15 Classmate – Khoa Do

This week I interviewed Khoa Do. Khoa is a freshman Human Resource Management major. Since I am graduating with a degree in Management, we talked a lot about the classes I have taken and what he can expect. He lives in Westminster and commutes to school. He enjoys hanging out with his friends. Some of his favorite TV shows are Arrow, Flash, and Daredevil. I had just finished watching Daredevil so we both shared our thoughts on season 1.

When I asked him if he enjoyed sports and he responded with soccer I got very happy. Soccer is my passion and so when I talk to someone that also enjoys soccer it is very easy to get along with them. He converted from an Arsenal fan to a Manchester United fan. I am a Liverpool fan and these teams play in the same league so there is a lot of history between them. We talked about our favorite players from the past and present with plenty of banter between us both. It was a nice last classmate interview with a fellow soccer fan.



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