Wk 12 EC feedback

3 most favorite activities:

1. Plaster Casting
I had a blast doing this activity as it got me out to the beach and made a really cool piece that I will keep for a long time.

2. Social Photography
I use social media every day so incorporating it into an assignment is something I wish more classes did.

3. Web design
I have never made my own website/blog so it was really cool to finally make one.

3 least favorite activities:

1. Fiber arts
Nothing too much against this, I just don’t have the artist eye that others do.

2. Portrait Photography
I just thought it was kind of weird to try and take a picture of yourself in a corpse pose.

3. Graffiti Writing
Like fiber arts, I just don’t have the artist touch so mine just seemed underwhelming compared to others.


A. I think the Tuesday class set us up nicely to be prepared for the art gallery and activity of the week.

B. For the most part I enjoyed the activities. Maybe a couple of them could be done on the Tuesday in class to get immediate feedback.

C. Conversations with the artist were helpful in seeing the way they portray their art and where their ideas came from.

D. Classmate conversations were not my favorite just because I am not as outgoing as people around me.

E. The website I enjoyed because I have never had a website/blog so being able to post things was enjoyable.


Wk 12 Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

This week for the artist interview I saw Piet Eppinga’s exhibit in the Werby Gallery. What made this interaction special was how he continuously went around to each piece and explained them. The two pieces that I liked the best were “Father and Son” and “Christianity Crystallized.” The Father and Son piece as you can see in the picture below, is about the relationship between a father and son. The white are their heads and you can make out the legs as well. I really enjoyed this piece because I have a strong bond with my father.

The other piece I really enjoyed was “Christianity Crystallized.” You can see the crown of thorns and the pierced hands where Jesus was nailed to the cross. This piece seemed so simple but portrayed such powerful meaning behind it. The whole piece is in the form of a tombstone. Piet spoke of Christianity needing to be revived in 100-200 years or else it will be crystallized. He was saying that Christianity can die out if it does not get a revival and then a new religion could be formed taking certain pieces from Christianity and others. His art seemed so simple but were all deep in meaning.

IMG_4193 IMG_4194

Wk 12 Activity – Algorithmic Art

  1. Get a piece of computer paper.
  2. Start folding paper over its self in about 1 inch strips.
  3. Stop when you are about ¾ of the way down. (Pic 2)
  4. Fold paper in half so that the folds are on outside.
  5. Pinch thick strips and slide paper up forming a heart shape. (Pic 1)
  6. Snap it forward like you’re throwing a baseball.
  7. If paper doesn’t make a pop sound go back to step 1.
  8. If you hear the pop sound go to step 9.
  9. Stop.

Pic 1                                                                    Pic 2

IMG_4197                IMG_4200

For my algorithmic art activity I decided to bring back something my friends and I used to do way back in 7th grade. I tried to make the steps as easy to follow as possible but some of the steps were difficult to find the words to explain. The point of this is to make a loud popping sound. As you see in the first picture when you snap it forward, air catches the paper and proceeds to make a popping noise. My friends and I used to make these and make the noise in class and scare the teacher and other classmates.

The result I got was the popping noise I was going for. I took a video so you could hear the sound but wordpress would not let me upload it. It is quite easy to make and was fun to do as it brought back memories from grade school and some of the times my friends and I got in trouble in school.

Wk 11 Artist Interview – Kruse and Pena

This week I interviewed Jerry Pena and Kyle Kruse at the Merlino Gallery.  This was a very cool gallery to visit.  When I walked in the first thing I noticed was all the trash on the ground.  The weird thing to me was that even with all the trash it didn’t seem trashy at all.  It just seemed like a perfect fit and like I was down some alley way admiring the graffiti and works of art.  I also got the feel of a garage.  Maybe it was the car bumpers leaning up on the walls but it seemed like just a place where someone spends their time working on cars and art and other projects.  I would say out of most of the art I’ve seen this semester this one seemed the most real.

After looking through the gallery I stopped by the table where so many other students were and talked to the artists.  They expressed their inspiration came from the environment and that the gallery was showing a glimpse of where they were from.  Both said they had an interest in art ever since they were little and in high school they specifically took an interest in drawing.  They said it took them about 3 months to make all the pieces inside. These artists gave a taste of their urban/street art view and it was very enjoyable to see the gallery and talk with the artists.

IMG_4171 IMG_4169

Wk 11 Activity – Plaster Casting



For the plaster casting activity I started out wanting to do a mold of my foot.  After about 5 attempts at making the mold stay as I pulled my foot out, I decided enough is enough and gave my hand a go.  It was a lot easier pulling the hand out while keeping the mold in place.  I’m not sure if you can tell in the pictures but my hand is slightly cupped.  That is why my hand seems so tiny.  Luckily I was able to capture these pictures before the hand mold fell over and broke a finger off.

The plaster casting was definitely my favorite activity I’ve done all semester.  The fact that I got to go to the beach for an assignment made it so much fun.  I showed my creation to my roommates when I got home from the beach and both thought it was so cool.  They said they wanted to go and try some soon so I will for sure be doing this again in my free time with some friends.  I loved this idea and glad I got to experience it!



IMG_4187 IMG_4189

Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Clare Samani

When I walked into the Dutzi Gallery while visiting the art galleries this week there was one photo that immediately stood out. It was the picture of the pizzas growing on a stem next to the sign that read “veggies.” I love pizza so that is obviously why I was drawn to this picture. It also reminded me of a good friend from back home that is obsessed with pizzas and shares photos like this all the time over social media. I sent it to her and we both had a good laugh about it.

While talking with the artist she was talking about silk screen art and how they sometimes paint on poster paper. She said she sketches the things that come to her. Then she uses her computer to get the picture exactly how she wants it.

The other picture that caught my attention was the one titled “Tiny Elephant”  I just found this picture to be really cool because it has an elephant on top of a snail. My interpretation of this picture was the elephant gets tired very easy and is enjoying a peaceful no energy ride with his friend the snail. I enjoyed this gallery very much this week.

FullSizeRender (4)144   FullSizeRender (5)7

Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Hung Trinh

I had my conversation with Hung Trinh. He is a sophomore here at Long Beach State. He commutes from just down the road from campus.  His major was going to be health care but now he is not sure. He plans on declaring one by the end of the semester or beginning of the next one.

Hung enjoys to play and watch basketball which we had in common. He usually hangs out at his apartment when he is not at work or school. We also brought up the question the professor asked in class on Tuesday on whether or not we would accept the degree, with no further schooling, if it was handed to us or if we would stay in school the full years to get it. We both agreed we would just take the degree. I feel like most people in the class would say the same, just not many wanted to say it aloud in class. I also posed this question to many of my friends and all agreed they would just take the degree. So Hung and I agreed on many things we talked about. It was an enjoyable conversation with my fellow classmate.